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July 16, 2010

Thirsty Merc

Thirsty Merc's new CD (Mousetrap Heart) is awesome.
I love that the sound is at times like their old stuff, but there is also some new sounding stuff and also some slower songs. Classic Thirsty Merc.

My fave songs at the moment (and very likely to change as i listen more and more to the CD) are DNA and Tommy and Krista, as much for the sound as the lyrics.

'Its in my DNA to want you, its in my blood and mind and self'
'dont wanna be personal but you got reality and that incredible knack that makes me wild and free'
'you're so beautiful the word is redefined, in the dictionary there's an image of you and it now means one of a kind'

Tommy and Krista
'She used to be in love with me, but now shes gone and taken all the love away, she used to be in love with me, but now i'm just a memory'

Such a fantastic album.

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