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It's Pure Happiness is a blog of things I like, love or find inspiring.
It might be pictures, quotes, songs, books, products or foods.
Basically, it's things that make up a life of Pure Happiness.

September 14, 2011

Currently Loving

Currently Loving
Food: Whitmans sampler chocolates (so yum - and actually i like all of them, not like with other boxes of chocs which have mint/orange ones that I dont actually like.) 
Drink: Milo in my tornado cup (ultimate laziness, it mixes it for me)
TV Show:  Winners and Losers
Song:  Lior "This Old Love", also 'You've got a friend in me" from ToyStory soundtrack
Book/Magazine: I've just started a Jane Green novel (only one chapter so far)
Piece of clothing: Teal coloured top with keyhole and tie at front.
Other: researching honeymoon destinations and dreaming of gorgeous destinations

R U OK day ?

R U OK? Day

Tomorrow, September 15th is R U OK? Day.
The day aims to get everyone to ask a friend, colleague, family member or stranger ‘Are you ok?’.
The tag line “A conversation could change a life” is a simple one, but so very true, and not something most of us think about on a day to day basis.
The day aims to encourage conversation between people, particularly in relation to suicide. It aims to break down the barriers and make it ok to tell someone that you are struggling.

The day encourages us to all ask ‘are you ok?’, listen without judgement, encourage action and follow up. This is an important step in helping others who may not be coping.

So, if you want to get involved, make a donation, or read some more about it go to

And remember to ask ‘Are you Ok?’

September 06, 2011

Wishlist - Igigi

Some gorgeous gorgeous dresses from Igigi

This one is my ultimate favourite - if I could only have one dress for the rest of my life .. well, this would be it. I LOVE this.
I really like the colours in this dress.

I like the classy/classic look of this dress - and its perfect for curvy women.

Love the colours and style of this one for summer

And there are even a few gorgeous wedding dresses (I'm about to start my search for the perfect wedding dress and I wish so much that I was near an Igigi)


August 31, 2011

Best Things In Life

      The 'best things in life aren't things' post is about appreciating non 'things' in life. (And yes, I realise sometimes some of what I write could be classified as a 'thing') 

      1) Leaving work in the day light/sun shine – such a beautiful feeling after being inside all day
2)      2) Flying down steep hills on a bike – when you know you should probably brake, but the feeling is so amazing, you just cant bring yourself to apply that pressure.
3)      3) When a gorgeous summer/spring breeze lifts the flowers from the branches as you walk by, sprinkling you with petals.

August 29, 2011

Moments that changed my life

On mamamia recently there was a post titled ‘The minute that changed my life’ about the moments that really changed your life – for better or worse – when you felt that sudden clarity or maybe it was confusion.

Maybe it was the moment you found out you were pregnant, when your child was born, when someone you loved died, a moment when you suddenly saw a rainbow after some rain. Maybe it was when you graduated, a comment someone said to you, a near death experience. Your first kiss, finding out you were adopted, getting a medical diagnosis.

When I think about the moments in my life that really stand out for me, there are so many. There is the moment we got engaged and the beautiful feeling that came after that, the days my siblings were born and being so damn excited, the first time I saw my dad really cry (at his fathers funeral), the day I got my HSC results, the time I realised, with complete clarity that it was over and I had to break up with someone, the day we found out for sure my mother was having an affair (after denying it for months)– and the absolute heartbreak, chaos and despair that caused, the day I graduated with my Masters, other times watching the heartbreak of another person.
And just recently too when we finally set our wedding date (suddenly it was really real and really happening). And I am lucky, because everyday, my clients are telling me their stories, their ‘moments’ and I am witnessing them having new ‘moments’ and I know, from that moment, things will be different for them.

These were the days, the turning points, the moments when something shifted inside me. And there are more, I know there are more, but too many to mention and too many to recall all at once.
These are the times and the moments that have really made me who I am.
And I am appreciative that most of my ‘moments’ are positive, or have turned out positive. …. Because there are a lot of people out there who’s moment that changed their life was so heartbreaking for them.

August 03, 2011

Currently Loving

Currently Loving
Food:  Bread sticks – crusty bread sticks, all sliced with margarine (healthy, I know ;-))
Drink:  Freshly squeezed by my own hand orange juice
TV Show:  Bones
Song: Bruno Mars "Marry You"
Book/Magazine:  The bridesmaid pact by Julia Williams
Piece of clothing: Comfy dressing gown
Other: My bike - I am LOVING cruising around.

July 08, 2011

June 29, 2011

Wishlist - Vanilla dreams

Here are some products I am currently wanting - I dont know whether its the cold weather, but I am desperate to wrap myself in the comforting, warming, soothing scent of vanilla. And the best bit about all these beauties - they're all affordable.

Nivea Lip Care Pure and Naturals Milk and Honey 

If anyone else has any recommendations or other vanilla-y smelling products that they love, let me know.

June 28, 2011

Thanks, thanks and more thanks.

Thanks to 

- The minus degree weather when I am walking to work of a morning - thank you for ensuring I dont get to work all sweaty
- The doctor who asked if I was trying to lose weight - thanks for giving me an excuse to talk about my new bike (which I am very excited about)
- The RIDICULOUSLY priced salad vegetables - thank you for encouraging me to eat a wider variety of fruit/veg instead of my usual salad.

Based on Leah Dieterich's website
thx thx thx.

Currently Loving

Currently Loving
Food: Borgs Cheese pastizzi’s/puffs
Drink: Milo
TV Show:  Offspring
Song: I don’t ever want to see you again – Uncle Sam
Book/Magazine: (not reading at the mo)
Piece of clothing: St Marks stockings ( I know – just cheapo Big W brand – but they are great – warm, don’t pull/run easily etc)
Other: Jewellery holders – those hanging ones with lots of little plastic pockets so you can see what is inside. Only I have got mine full of lipgloss – its perfect – I can easily see all of my lipgloss/lipstick and make a selection of what to wear that day

June 01, 2011

Wasting time

Here are a few websites/blogs I've been enjoying lately - and by that I mean, enjoying more than usual.

- http://damnyouautocorrect.com/  (Half of them are probably doctored, but still good for a laugh)
- http://www.postsecret.com/  (i love PostSecret so much - its just brilliant)
- http://lifeandothercrises.blogspot.com/   (Kerri Sackville is hilarious - and shes just released a book)
and this post, on mamamia.

May 21, 2011

Sister by Rosamund Lupton

'Sister' by Rosamund Lupton is a wonderful book, set perhaps, in a less than wonderful scenario.
This book is the story of how one sister (Beatrice) attempts to uncover the truth behind her sister's (Tess) disappearance. Faced with the police verdict that her sisters disappearance is suicide, Beatrice sets out to uncover the truth as she 'knows' her sister would not do something like this. Along the way, Beatrice discovers just how little she knows about her sisters life and has to face her own demons about what kind of person and what kind of sister she is.

The book is brilliantly written and has you sucked in from the beginning. The writing is heart wrenching, raw and real, and for anyone with sisters, I challenge you to not want to make contact with your own sisters at every twist and turn of the novel. I enjoyed this novel so very much, until the very end, at the point the novel (through the sisters) states 'you have probably realised by now that ........'. Well, call me silly but i had not realised (and neither did 4 others i spoke to who read this book). At this point I felt that the story went downhill. It was almost as if the ending was written in a rush and less effort was put into it than the rest of the book. The story also ends in a way that lets the reader believe one of two options - something which I dislike in a book.

However, for the best part of the book, i was hooked and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend 'Sister' and would be interested to hear other peoples opinions when they have read it.

It really has been wonderfully written, and I think, gives a bit of insight into the relationship between sisters and the ways of the human mind.

Note: Rosamund Lupton will release her second novel mid 2011, and whilst this type of novel is not my usual read, I will be reading her new book also, as I enjoyed the writing of Sister so much.

Riding along on my pushbike honey ...

ok, so my current obsession is bikes. Yep, I want a bicycle.
Now, I have never been the most coordinated person, and I am also not fond of exercise, however, for some very strange reason, I have decided that I must have a bike.

They are damn expensive though. Of course, I dont just want any old bike, I want a really cool, funky, maybe retro bike. Cruiser style.

Now I just need to save up the money, and think about it a bit longer, until I know that I will definitely use it, and not just go for one ride and then put it in a shed for the rest of my life.

Here are some I am currently obsessing over

Giant, Suede City W
    Schwinn, Sprite

Holymoly-solo-ladies-hot-chocolate-flat  Creme, HolyMoly Lady Solo 

Electra Townie 21 Speed Ladies Bike Electra Townie

   Electra Orbit

My fave's at the mo are the first one and the last one. I wonder whether those will still be my faves if and when I get around to actually buying a bike.

May 04, 2011

Currently Loving

Currently Loving
Food: Parmesan cheese
Drink: Soda Water
TV Show:  Myth Busters
Song: Nightminds by MIssy Higgins
Book/Magazine: (not reading anything at the mo)
Piece of clothing:  Flannelette PJ pants with brightly coloured owls all over them
Other: Neutrogena Norwegian formula Hand Cream (bliss on dry hands)

April 28, 2011

Best Things In Life - Autumn

 The 'best things in life aren't things' post is about appreciating non 'things' in life. (And Yes, i realise sometimes some of what I write could be classified as a 'thing')

1) The colours of the leaves as they turn - reds, oranges, yellows and greens.
2) The crunch of dry leaves under foot
3) Standing under a tree as the wind blows the leaves from the branches and the leaves raining down on you.

April 19, 2011

Currently Loving

Currently Loving 

Food: BBQ chicken
Drink: Blue Creaming Soda cordial
TV Show: Criminal Minds - gee that one with the young honeymoon killers was full on
Song: Dreams by Gabrielle
Book/Magazine: How to Break Your Own Heart by Maggie Alderson
Piece of clothing:  Ok, its actually shoes this week - a new pair of tan coloured slouchy ankle boots with a tapered heel. Love them.
Other: The last remnants of sunshine/warmth - its getting really cold here already

April 16, 2011

Stained Glass

People are like stained glass windows: 
they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, 
but when the darkness sets in,
their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within

April 05, 2011

Bittersweet by Melanie LaBrooy

Melanie LaBrooy's Bittersweet, (also known as The Wedding Planner) is a great read by one of my favourite authors. I love LaBrooy's novels, they are the perfect balance of hilarious and real.

This book is centred around 2 sisters, one of whom has an upcoming wedding. Sabrina is a famous TV actress, whilst her sister Mimi is jobless and drifting through life. When Sabrina offers Mimi the job of bridesmaid/organiser of the wedding, after years of having not spoken or gotten along, all kinds of emotions get thrown into the mix. The story gradually unfolds as you find out about how each of the characters connects with one another (a tangled web of secrets and connections), as well as their history, their secrets and their insecurities. Family bonds, personal insecurities, wedding planning and a small glimpse at celebrity life are the crux of this story, and once all the story has unfolded, all those insecurities, mistakes and personal attributes suddenly make sense. Melanie LaBrooy somehow manages to touch on a range of serious issues, such as alcoholism, cheating, dieting and abuse, but in a relatively lighthearted and nonburdening way.... but jsut enough to make you think.

I really loved this book and I'll definitely be reading it again.

March 23, 2011

Chris’ Three Olive Dip

OMG – This is the most delicious creamy, olive-y dip. 
Chris’ Three Olive Dip has been calling my name everytime I walk past the fridge section at Woolies, for the past month or so, and I have been desperate to try it. The other day temptation got the better of me – and I bought this dip and a loaf of thick crusty bread.
The dip has got little chunks of olives throughout, and has a creamy base. The olive flavour is really strong and delicious.
I ate my dip with chunks of crusty bread – and it was so delicious I will have to refrain from buying it to eat with every piece of bread for the rest of my life.

I really really enjoyed this dip and will DEFINITELY be buying it again soon.

March 21, 2011

Currently Loving

Currently Loving

Food: Choc chip hot cross buns
Drink: Moscato (any brand)
TV Show: Bones
Song: Don’t Let Go by En Vogue (oh yes, and oldie but a goodie)
Book/Magazine: Bittersweet by Melanie LaBrooy
Piece of clothing: Red work shirt with black piping.
Other: At the moment, I am really wanting to get a bike - I've been loving the Electra Orbit and the Electra Townie as well as a Giant Suede City W.

March 19, 2011

Window shopping

Here's a bunch of things I liked the look of whilst out shopping at my local Westfields the other day. I didnt buy any of them .... yet.


Currently loving this black and pink dress from CityChic. I love the skirt section.

This dress from Rockmans is super cute. It also has an exposed, chunky zipper at the back.

This bag from Strandbags brand BlueBird is really cute and perfect for taking shopping.

And I really liked these Wanted shoes.

March 13, 2011

Shoe Dreams

Here's a selection of shoes I am currently loving (apparently I am in an aqua/teal mood today).