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It's Pure Happiness is a blog of things I like, love or find inspiring.
It might be pictures, quotes, songs, books, products or foods.
Basically, it's things that make up a life of Pure Happiness.

January 25, 2013

Mini Review Time

Here are a few things that I have been particularly pleased with lately - and a quick review of each.

1) BYS MegaShine lipgloss (Chocolate). This is a cheapy little lipgloss from Kmart (or cheap stores), but has a gorgeous pinky/brown colour with a bit of fine sparkle in it. I havent tried the other colours in this range, but this one actually smells like chocolate too. No taste, not sticky, just a nice shiny lipgloss.

2) Bodyshop Vanilla Bliss Body Lotion. This has a gorgeous warm vanilla scent and teeny tiny bits of shimmer throughout. The scent lasts all day and the shimmer is really full on - particularly in the sun.

3) Jane Green 'The Patchwork Marriage'. This book looks at the relationships within a 'blended' family, with the main characters being a wife and her husbands teenage daughter. Complicated dynamics, fertility issues, addiction and the desire for a child are all explored, in a truly heart wrenching way. I really enjoyed this novel for the complex examination of emotions and relationships.

4) Essence Gel Look Topcoat.  Another cheap beauty product. I really like this as it does leave a super shiny 'gel' sort of look to nails. However, some people might be put off, as it can look a little bit plasticy/fake nailish.

5) Sharwoods Korma Paste. Mmmm my stomach is grumbling just thinking of this. This is a really nice paste to chuck in with some meat, veg and cream and voila an easy curry. I love the flavour but I'm not good with really spicy food, so this Korma paste is the perfect solution.

January 18, 2013

Thanks, thanks and more thanks.

Thanks to

- The wonderful summer fruits for encouraging me to eat more fruit (and now that you are disappearing from the shelves, for reminding me how I should take advantage of you whilst I can)

- The cool breeze - man it was hot until you came along and blew through my unit cooling everything down.

- Delicious new potato salad recipe - apart from your superb taste, I am thanking you for inspiring me to try more new recipes.

Based on Leah Dieterich's website thx thx thx.

No matter how small

January 15, 2013

Best Things In Life !!!

The 'best things in life aren't things' post is about appreciating non 'things' in life. Non material things. (And yes, I realise sometimes some of what I write could be classified as a 'thing')

This post is probably particularly relevant after Christmas, when we all tend to over indulge in material things.

1) That feeling of starting a new year - it brings renewed hope and optimism and plans for the year.
2) That wonderous feeling just before Christmas - of excitement and anticipation and hope and wonder and joy and sharing.
3) A breeze after a run of scorching hot days - that simple relief.

January 11, 2013

Bag of Troubles

There is a story from Jewish tradition about a woman named Rebecca.

Rebecca went to see her Rabbi’s wife, the Rebbetzin. ”Rebbetzin,” she said, “I don’t know what to do. I have so many troubles. My children do not listen to me, they take me for granted and they don’t appreciate what they have in their lives. I struggle to make a living with my husband, we can put food on the table but not much else and I am always so tired, I feel the problems of my life are too much for me to bear. What can I do?”

The Rebbitzin was the wisest woman in town, many believed her even more wise than her husband, Rebecca felt certain that she could help her. The Rebbetzin sat very still. She looked to the ceiling, she looked down again. She looked to the ceiling, she looked down again, then she suddenly leapt from her chair, “I know what you must do,” she said, “go home and place all your troubles in a bag and bring them here this afternoon at 3. Now go and don’t be late.”

Rebecca raced home and began collecting all her troubles, she placed them in her bag and headed back to the Rebbetzin’s house, dragging her bag behind her.

When she arrived she heard the buzz of women chatting and when she walked inside she saw every woman from the village there, each with her own bag. Some big, some small, some heavy, some light. The Rebbetzin called for silence. “Now Rebecca,” she said, “I want you to go around the room, look at everyone else’s bag and you may swap yours for any one of them.” Well Rebecca was thrilled! Nobody’s troubles could be as bad as hers. She spotted the smallest bag and made her way directly there. When she went to lift it, the bag was incredibly heavy, she looked inside. There was only one trouble there, the death of a child. Rebecca quickly closed the bag and moved on, that was too great a tragedy. She moved around the room lifting bags until she found one that was large but incredibly light, she looked inside and saw the vast emptiness of loneliness. She felt a wave of sadness and despair wash over her as she closed that bag and searched for another. The next bag was so beautiful on the outside that Rebecca felt sure that it was the bag for her, it seemed so perfect, but as she looked inside she saw the darkness, the self doubt, the insecurity, the pain of abandonment, quickly she closed it. Further along she lifted another bag, it moved and jumped, inside was violence and anger.

One after the other she opened the bags and found so much hurt, anguish and suffering that when she looked over at her own she found that it was much smaller than when she entered the room. She thanked the Rebbitzen, collected her bag and headed home.

Currently Loving

Currently Loving !!!

Food: Curry - delicious homemade curry with chickpeas and potato.
Drink: Water with a slice or two of lemon/lime
TV Show: Derren Brown 'The Experiments'.
Song: Ed Sheeran - the entire '+' album.
Book/Magazine: Just finished 'Gallery Girl', in the middle of 'I remember you.' I wouldn't say I LOVED either, but both were good reads.
Piece of clothing: Bright orange/coral dress with wooden bead details under the bust.
Makeup/Beauty product: Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss - they are cheap, come in heaps of colours, and last pretty well.
Other: The start of a new year - everyone is refreshed and still optimistic.

January 09, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins quiz

I started this 'Seven Deadly Sins' quiz thingy months ago, but only recently found it again. Interestingly, some of my answers already needed to be changed.

So here goes

Pride ~ 7 great things in your life.
1) My husband
2) My sisters
3) The happy/content 'place' we are in at the moment.
4) My job - I love helping people.
5) My current emotional wellbeing
6) My health
7) Memories

Envy ~ 7 things you lack and covet.
I want to say children, but thats not really in the spirit of the post. Plus, hopefully in the not too distant future this will be reality.
1) A home that we own
2) A flattering, stylish, fun wardrobe
3) Full time work in private practice
4) More ability to help others
5) Overseas holidays - actually just holidays in general
6) Skin that doesnt burn at the slightest glimpse of the sun
7) Confidence in myself
Wrath ~ 7 things that make you angry
hmmm, this one is more difficult as I dont get angry too often
1) Arrogance
2) Liars
3) People who dont even try
4) Politics in a workplace - argh - so frustrating
5) Smoking - can I not sit on my own balcony or leave my own windows open for fresh air without being enveloped in your foul smoke?
6) People who stand at the door of the elevator - stand back and wait, people need to get out before you can barge in.
7) (cant think of another one at the moment)

Sloth ~ 7 things you neglect to do.
1) Floss my teeth
2) Sort out any boring paperwork/insurance related stuff
3) Shave/epilate my legs
4) Go to the doctor - for pretty much anything.
5) Put myself first
6) Eat more healthily
7) Exercise
Greed ~ 7 worldy material desires.
1) A house
2) A pool
3) A new lounge
4) New clothes (Igigi, Kiyonna, Collectif, Monif C, Eliza Parker.....) Flattering ang gorgeous.
5) A bookshelf (to go in a room dedicated to books and reading)
6) A new Foreman grill
7) A pair of amazing brown (or purple) winter boots - leather, almost knee high, a chunky heel (but not too high) to fit my giant feet.
Gluttony ~ 7 guilty pleasures.
1) Chips - almost any type. I LOVE chips.
2) Cheese.
3) Pizza.
(Oh man, why are all my things foods - I'll try for non-foods now)
4) Reading chic-lit novels at work
5) Rom-com movies
6) Any wedding related tv show (Four Weddings, Dont Tell the Bride, Bridezillas etc)
7)  (not sure of another)
Lust ~ 7 things you love about love.
1) Hugs
2) Kisses
3) Having someone to talk to about everything
4) Knowing that person has your best interests at heart
5) Laughing together
6) Going on adventures together
7) Those moments where they just say or do something and you just cannot believe you got so lucky.

January 07, 2013

What do you want to be .....

I love the sentiment in this quote.
I hope that I remember that what I want to be is 'happy' rather than to be a '...particular career...'
I can only hope that I teach my kids the same.

January 04, 2013

What do I want for myself in 2013

Happy 2013 !!!

Its a new year and time to think about what we want for the year.

2012 was a crazy year for us - plenty of wonderful things but also some less good too.

So coming in to 2013 here are some goals I have for myself

1) Stress less, laugh more.
2) Find the happy, fun, carefree you again.

3) Find more things to do around the city– make the most of where you live – get out more.
4) Be more thankful/appreciative – look around. Life is amazing.

5) Get fitter and healthier - nothing drastic, just keep eating salads, go for walks or rides, try not to eat as much junk.

And some ideas/thoughts I want myself to consider are

1) Does this REALLY matter – are you getting stressed over nothing? Do you really want to devote all that brain power to something so stupid/meaningless/temporary ?

2) You are a worthwhile, intelligent, caring person. Believe it. You’re already making the difference you want to make to peoples lives.

So, bring on 2013, lets see what adventures we have this year.