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May 21, 2011

Sister by Rosamund Lupton

'Sister' by Rosamund Lupton is a wonderful book, set perhaps, in a less than wonderful scenario.
This book is the story of how one sister (Beatrice) attempts to uncover the truth behind her sister's (Tess) disappearance. Faced with the police verdict that her sisters disappearance is suicide, Beatrice sets out to uncover the truth as she 'knows' her sister would not do something like this. Along the way, Beatrice discovers just how little she knows about her sisters life and has to face her own demons about what kind of person and what kind of sister she is.

The book is brilliantly written and has you sucked in from the beginning. The writing is heart wrenching, raw and real, and for anyone with sisters, I challenge you to not want to make contact with your own sisters at every twist and turn of the novel. I enjoyed this novel so very much, until the very end, at the point the novel (through the sisters) states 'you have probably realised by now that ........'. Well, call me silly but i had not realised (and neither did 4 others i spoke to who read this book). At this point I felt that the story went downhill. It was almost as if the ending was written in a rush and less effort was put into it than the rest of the book. The story also ends in a way that lets the reader believe one of two options - something which I dislike in a book.

However, for the best part of the book, i was hooked and absolutely loved it. I highly recommend 'Sister' and would be interested to hear other peoples opinions when they have read it.

It really has been wonderfully written, and I think, gives a bit of insight into the relationship between sisters and the ways of the human mind.

Note: Rosamund Lupton will release her second novel mid 2011, and whilst this type of novel is not my usual read, I will be reading her new book also, as I enjoyed the writing of Sister so much.

Riding along on my pushbike honey ...

ok, so my current obsession is bikes. Yep, I want a bicycle.
Now, I have never been the most coordinated person, and I am also not fond of exercise, however, for some very strange reason, I have decided that I must have a bike.

They are damn expensive though. Of course, I dont just want any old bike, I want a really cool, funky, maybe retro bike. Cruiser style.

Now I just need to save up the money, and think about it a bit longer, until I know that I will definitely use it, and not just go for one ride and then put it in a shed for the rest of my life.

Here are some I am currently obsessing over

Giant, Suede City W
    Schwinn, Sprite

Holymoly-solo-ladies-hot-chocolate-flat  Creme, HolyMoly Lady Solo 

Electra Townie 21 Speed Ladies Bike Electra Townie

   Electra Orbit

My fave's at the mo are the first one and the last one. I wonder whether those will still be my faves if and when I get around to actually buying a bike.

May 04, 2011

Currently Loving

Currently Loving
Food: Parmesan cheese
Drink: Soda Water
TV Show:  Myth Busters
Song: Nightminds by MIssy Higgins
Book/Magazine: (not reading anything at the mo)
Piece of clothing:  Flannelette PJ pants with brightly coloured owls all over them
Other: Neutrogena Norwegian formula Hand Cream (bliss on dry hands)