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November 02, 2010

Blog Challenge

To spice things up a bit, I thought I would begin adding some challenges/memes to my blog.

Here is one I read that Morgaine from Bust My Buttons did.


4 TV shows I watch at the moment:

Criminal Minds - I love this show. The storylines are great, and the characters are awesome.
Packed to the Rafters - (an aussie show). So funny and so real.
X Factor Australia - I have accidentally gotten addicted to this show. My faves are Sally and Andrew.
Offspring - This is truly hilarious. I love Nina's awkwardness. So much fun.
4 Things I've done today:

Attended a Melbourne Cup luncheon/party
Gone for a walk with my fiancee
Had a bit of fun with my makeup
4 Things I can't wait for:

Christmas (i am a bit of an excited elf at Christmas)
Shopping with my sisters for party dresses
Getting to sleep in tomorrow morning

4 Things I wish for:

The perfect job
A really fun holiday (and soon)

Lots of funky outfits and shoes that actually fit me to be magically available and really cheap
Charisma and spunk to pull off above outfits and shoes

4 Things I hate:

'Fake' people.

I challenge anyone and everyone to have a go of this.

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