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May 21, 2011

Riding along on my pushbike honey ...

ok, so my current obsession is bikes. Yep, I want a bicycle.
Now, I have never been the most coordinated person, and I am also not fond of exercise, however, for some very strange reason, I have decided that I must have a bike.

They are damn expensive though. Of course, I dont just want any old bike, I want a really cool, funky, maybe retro bike. Cruiser style.

Now I just need to save up the money, and think about it a bit longer, until I know that I will definitely use it, and not just go for one ride and then put it in a shed for the rest of my life.

Here are some I am currently obsessing over

Giant, Suede City W
    Schwinn, Sprite

Holymoly-solo-ladies-hot-chocolate-flat  Creme, HolyMoly Lady Solo 

Electra Townie 21 Speed Ladies Bike Electra Townie

   Electra Orbit

My fave's at the mo are the first one and the last one. I wonder whether those will still be my faves if and when I get around to actually buying a bike.

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