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August 29, 2011

Moments that changed my life

On mamamia recently there was a post titled ‘The minute that changed my life’ about the moments that really changed your life – for better or worse – when you felt that sudden clarity or maybe it was confusion.

Maybe it was the moment you found out you were pregnant, when your child was born, when someone you loved died, a moment when you suddenly saw a rainbow after some rain. Maybe it was when you graduated, a comment someone said to you, a near death experience. Your first kiss, finding out you were adopted, getting a medical diagnosis.

When I think about the moments in my life that really stand out for me, there are so many. There is the moment we got engaged and the beautiful feeling that came after that, the days my siblings were born and being so damn excited, the first time I saw my dad really cry (at his fathers funeral), the day I got my HSC results, the time I realised, with complete clarity that it was over and I had to break up with someone, the day we found out for sure my mother was having an affair (after denying it for months)– and the absolute heartbreak, chaos and despair that caused, the day I graduated with my Masters, other times watching the heartbreak of another person.
And just recently too when we finally set our wedding date (suddenly it was really real and really happening). And I am lucky, because everyday, my clients are telling me their stories, their ‘moments’ and I am witnessing them having new ‘moments’ and I know, from that moment, things will be different for them.

These were the days, the turning points, the moments when something shifted inside me. And there are more, I know there are more, but too many to mention and too many to recall all at once.
These are the times and the moments that have really made me who I am.
And I am appreciative that most of my ‘moments’ are positive, or have turned out positive. …. Because there are a lot of people out there who’s moment that changed their life was so heartbreaking for them.

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