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March 23, 2011

Chris’ Three Olive Dip

OMG – This is the most delicious creamy, olive-y dip. 
Chris’ Three Olive Dip has been calling my name everytime I walk past the fridge section at Woolies, for the past month or so, and I have been desperate to try it. The other day temptation got the better of me – and I bought this dip and a loaf of thick crusty bread.
The dip has got little chunks of olives throughout, and has a creamy base. The olive flavour is really strong and delicious.
I ate my dip with chunks of crusty bread – and it was so delicious I will have to refrain from buying it to eat with every piece of bread for the rest of my life.

I really really enjoyed this dip and will DEFINITELY be buying it again soon.

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