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January 09, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins quiz

I started this 'Seven Deadly Sins' quiz thingy months ago, but only recently found it again. Interestingly, some of my answers already needed to be changed.

So here goes

Pride ~ 7 great things in your life.
1) My husband
2) My sisters
3) The happy/content 'place' we are in at the moment.
4) My job - I love helping people.
5) My current emotional wellbeing
6) My health
7) Memories

Envy ~ 7 things you lack and covet.
I want to say children, but thats not really in the spirit of the post. Plus, hopefully in the not too distant future this will be reality.
1) A home that we own
2) A flattering, stylish, fun wardrobe
3) Full time work in private practice
4) More ability to help others
5) Overseas holidays - actually just holidays in general
6) Skin that doesnt burn at the slightest glimpse of the sun
7) Confidence in myself
Wrath ~ 7 things that make you angry
hmmm, this one is more difficult as I dont get angry too often
1) Arrogance
2) Liars
3) People who dont even try
4) Politics in a workplace - argh - so frustrating
5) Smoking - can I not sit on my own balcony or leave my own windows open for fresh air without being enveloped in your foul smoke?
6) People who stand at the door of the elevator - stand back and wait, people need to get out before you can barge in.
7) (cant think of another one at the moment)

Sloth ~ 7 things you neglect to do.
1) Floss my teeth
2) Sort out any boring paperwork/insurance related stuff
3) Shave/epilate my legs
4) Go to the doctor - for pretty much anything.
5) Put myself first
6) Eat more healthily
7) Exercise
Greed ~ 7 worldy material desires.
1) A house
2) A pool
3) A new lounge
4) New clothes (Igigi, Kiyonna, Collectif, Monif C, Eliza Parker.....) Flattering ang gorgeous.
5) A bookshelf (to go in a room dedicated to books and reading)
6) A new Foreman grill
7) A pair of amazing brown (or purple) winter boots - leather, almost knee high, a chunky heel (but not too high) to fit my giant feet.
Gluttony ~ 7 guilty pleasures.
1) Chips - almost any type. I LOVE chips.
2) Cheese.
3) Pizza.
(Oh man, why are all my things foods - I'll try for non-foods now)
4) Reading chic-lit novels at work
5) Rom-com movies
6) Any wedding related tv show (Four Weddings, Dont Tell the Bride, Bridezillas etc)
7)  (not sure of another)
Lust ~ 7 things you love about love.
1) Hugs
2) Kisses
3) Having someone to talk to about everything
4) Knowing that person has your best interests at heart
5) Laughing together
6) Going on adventures together
7) Those moments where they just say or do something and you just cannot believe you got so lucky.

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