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January 25, 2013

Mini Review Time

Here are a few things that I have been particularly pleased with lately - and a quick review of each.

1) BYS MegaShine lipgloss (Chocolate). This is a cheapy little lipgloss from Kmart (or cheap stores), but has a gorgeous pinky/brown colour with a bit of fine sparkle in it. I havent tried the other colours in this range, but this one actually smells like chocolate too. No taste, not sticky, just a nice shiny lipgloss.

2) Bodyshop Vanilla Bliss Body Lotion. This has a gorgeous warm vanilla scent and teeny tiny bits of shimmer throughout. The scent lasts all day and the shimmer is really full on - particularly in the sun.

3) Jane Green 'The Patchwork Marriage'. This book looks at the relationships within a 'blended' family, with the main characters being a wife and her husbands teenage daughter. Complicated dynamics, fertility issues, addiction and the desire for a child are all explored, in a truly heart wrenching way. I really enjoyed this novel for the complex examination of emotions and relationships.

4) Essence Gel Look Topcoat.  Another cheap beauty product. I really like this as it does leave a super shiny 'gel' sort of look to nails. However, some people might be put off, as it can look a little bit plasticy/fake nailish.

5) Sharwoods Korma Paste. Mmmm my stomach is grumbling just thinking of this. This is a really nice paste to chuck in with some meat, veg and cream and voila an easy curry. I love the flavour but I'm not good with really spicy food, so this Korma paste is the perfect solution.

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