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February 27, 2013

Book Review: One Hundred Names

I've just finished Cecelia Ahern's book 'One Hundred Names'.
I loved this book. It really resonated with me and even though toward the end you realise what is going to happen, I was so touched by the message.

Alot of the advertising I've seen has the phrase "Even the most ordinary lives contain an extraordinary story" and that is basically the underlying motto of the story - not that it is really spelled out until toward the end of the book.

One Hundred Names is the story of Kitty, a journalist who has recently made a major mistake in her career whilst trying to be a 'story chasing' 'sensationalist' type and has found herself in alot of trouble professionally. Kitty's mentor is also dying, and is trying to encourage Kitty to find her way back (professionally speaking).
Before she dies, Constance (Kittys mentor) speaks of a story that she never got to write. Her idea for the story is at home in an envelope. Constance dies before Kitty is able to ask her anything further about her plan or idea for the story, and all that Kitty has to go from is a list of 100 names. No explanations.

The book is about Kittys journey in figuring out the story and learning her lesson. Along the way Kitty meets a number of the people on the list, and hears their stories, almost missing the beauty in their reflections as she is looking for connections and 'bigger' stories.

I'm disappointed that Kitty only got to meet a few of the hundred names, as I was so engrossed in the book that I didnt want it to end. However, I am sure if the book continued to meet all 100 names it would have dragged and/or not addressed things as well.
Sure, you can guess/see where the plot lines are going at times, but it is beautifully written and is a lovely story.

For me, the book was special because I am forever grateful that people trust me with their stories everyday. As a therapist, people tell me their deepest, darkest secrets and stories, and I am so privelleged to be in that position. This book just reminded me/highlighted for me that everyone has a story to tell and that all of the stories are amazing in their own way.

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