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August 03, 2013

52 Lists: Feels Like Home

'52 Lists' is a blog activity started by Moorea-seal, based on a book called 'List Yourself'.

Self reflection always appeals to me, so I thought I would give it a go. I'm months behind, but I thought I might just go through them at my own pace now.

Week 12: List The Things That Feel Like Home
-         Spending time with my sisters
-         The beach
-         Getting a hug
-         The smell of jasmine
-         “Warm” scents like caramel, vanilla and marshmallow
-         Roast pork dinner
-         Hot summer breezes
-         Christmas time – the smell of Christmas decorations, buying presents, the whole lot
-         Scones with jam and cream
-         Baking – cakes, biscuits, slices
-         PJ pants and hugely oversized jumpers
-         Lying in bed under a doona looking out the window whilst its cold and wet outside
-         Rainbows caused by sunlight hitting crystals

It will be really interesting to look back on these in a week, a month, a year or more and see how it has changed. Part of the reason I love doing these things is because they are so reflective of your current 'at this very moment' self, and therefore, even if I did this again tomorrow, I am sure some of the things would be different.

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