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January 14, 2011

Memento and Wisdom

Memento and Wisdom by Michael McQueen

These books came about after Michaels father died suddenly, and during the process of sorting his belongings, they found a notebook in which Michael's father had written the lessons he had learnt throughout his life. The family found this notebook enlightening and it was a great comfort in such a tragic time.
This notion resonated with so many people, that the idea of a giftbook full of questions to be filled in was born.
These books are an amazing activity in self reflection, as well as being a wonderful keepsake and insight into your life, for yourself and for others (if you want to bear your soul).
Although I am not approaching the end of my life (at least i hope not), I love the notion behind these books and will be filling them out with as much detail and honesty as I can. I hope throughout my life I can add bits and pieces here and there, and that these books will become just the basis of a wonderful reflection. And maybe over time, the pages wont look quite as neat and tidy, but I look forward to scribbling in the margins and sticking in loose scraps of paper on which I have scrawled thoughts or ideas or feelings.
If you get the chance, take a look at these wonderful books, because if nothing else, the questions will make you take a good hard look at yourself and your life.

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