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June 04, 2013

Mini Review Time !!!

Here are a few things that I have been particularly pleased with lately - and a quick review of each.

Nivea Lip Butter. I have both the Vanilla and Macadamia and the Caramel Cream. Both are nice and soft and rich. They are a butter, rather than a gloss, so they sink in a bit and leave a very moisturised feel. Shea butter and almond oil are key ingredients. The Vanilla and Macadamia one smells a bit like Milko or Milkshake lollies and leaves an ever so slight white tinge to the lips if you apply it too thick. The Caramel Cream one smells a bit like caramel popcorn - I havent noticed any colour tinge with this one. I really love these balms and I'm finding them particularly good on winter lips.

Pauls Double Thick Chocolate Custard. This is one of my fave desserts. The custard is so thick and creamy, and the chocolate flavour is really strong. The biggest problem with this one is not eating the entire container in one go.

Black Swan Farmers Best Crispy Bacon and Avocado dip. This is a most delicious dip. It has a different texture to normal dips. It is a fluffy, silky dip, almost like a mousse. The dip is primarily avocado, although there is a subtle bacon flavour, and some small chunks of bacon in it. So delicious on crackers, although you could just as easily use this as a spread.

Boots from BigW. I have 2 pairs of boots from Big W at the moment, and both are the most comfortable, easy to wear boots. The first is a pair of purple, slouchy ankle boots. They are flat and made of a suede type material. So easy to just quickly slip on. They are warm, comfortable and only cost $10. The second is a pair of wedge, bright red ankle boots. Again with a suede finish. These ones have a zip to help do up. Even though they have a wedge they are really comfortable to wear and dont hurt my feet at all. I think these were $25 from BigW. I've worn them a stack of times each and they are holding up well. I bought these 2 pairs of boots just looking for some fun colours and something better than open toe heels to wear in winter and I am super impressed. I'll definitely keep looking in BigW for cheap boots.

Continental Indian Chicken Tonight Butter Chicken sauce. This is my absolute favourite store bought make-at-home butter chicken sauce. We love butter chicken at our place and this is the one we always go back to. It doesnt taste like butter chicken you get at Indian places, however it is really delicious. Rich and creamy, with just the right hint of spice and flavour. We just add this to some onion and chicken (sometimes carrot or chickpeas etc) and you have a really simple butter chicken.

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