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May 30, 2014

52 Lists: People You Admire

'52 Lists' is a blog activity started by Moorea-seal, based on a book called 'List Yourself'. (Edit: Moorea has just started re-visiting her old lists too)

Self reflection always appeals to me, so I thought I would give it a go. I'm just going through them at my own pace now.

Week 17: List the People You Admire
Mmm, this is a hard one to do - I admire lots of people for lots of different reasons - both 'famous' people and those close to me. This is a bit of a pathetic attempt.

  • My husband – for being so crazy, upbeat, ‘can do’ all the time, and for the amazing things he knows how to do.
  • My sister – for what her and her boyfriend have gone through, for travelling so much and seeing the world like she wants to, for being mature beyond her years
  • My other sister – for the person I think she really is, for moving to a whole new city to study, for coping when she was 'left behind'.
  • The Gottmans – a professional admiration – I love their work.
  • Maya Angelou – she was amazing and so many of her teachings resonate with me
  • Oprah – c’mon who doesn’t think Oprah does wonderful things in her interviews/life.
  • Ellen – she is so much fun, she came out way before it was ‘ok-ish’ to come out.
  • David Attenborough – I love his documentaries.
  • People the world over, who are doing what they love, following their dreams, trying their best and making the most of their life.
  • Almost of all my clients – for admitting they need help, making the step to come to therapy and trying their best, even when it is confronting and uncomfortable.

It will be really interesting to look back on these in a week, a month, a year or more and see how it has changed. Part of the reason I love doing these things is because they are so reflective of your current 'at this very moment' self, and therefore, even if I did this again tomorrow, I am sure some of the things would be different.

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