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May 15, 2014

Mini Review Time !!!

Here are a few things that I have been particularly pleased with lately - and a quick review of each.

Aeroplane Jelly Gooey Chocolate Topping. This is a really rich, quite thick chocolate topping. We’ve been eating this on waffles and its a new fave. I also love that it comes in the squeeze bottle, so we don’t get that crusty dried leftovers around the rim.

Purewick Vanilla Bean air freshener. This is from Aldi and has the most lovely real vanilla scent. I often find that vanilla air fresheners dont have the ‘warmth’ of vanilla. This one does. I love it.

Wattle Valley 'Delish Dips' in Baby Spinach and Feta. I dont even like spinach, but this dip has a lovely feta/sour cream flavour, with spinach through it. Lovely eaten with turkish bread.

Mudgeeraba spice – Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani) mix. We bought a jar of this mix late last year and have had it at least fortnightly ever since. This makes the most delicious curry you will ever have. And the smell wafting through the house once you get the ginger, garlic and spice in the pan is heavenly.

Woolworths Select Garlic Crackers. I love these crackers, they have a decent garlic flavour, are crispy and perfect with cheese.

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