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May 20, 2014

Self Reflection with Thought Questions

Lately I have been subscribing/reading a blog called Thought Questions, which posts really interesting, thought provoking questions.
As I love self reflection and gaining insight, I love getting the email and thinking about how I would answer.

So, I intend to post some of my faves here, along with my answer. Please check out the blog too, as it is full of awesome questions.

So here is todays


Answer: I hope, with all my heart, that I am a mum by this time next year. Probably on maternity leave from my private practice job, at home with the baby still, but fully qualified and finished my registrar program. Hopefully my husband will also be in a job he loves and we will be thinking about working part time so that each of us gets to both go to work and stay at home with the baby.

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