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October 21, 2010

Never Give Up

Never Give Up ~ A Zen Koan

Two frogs were happily hopping around when they saw a big bucket in front of them. They were both so interested that they couldn’t control themselves- they decided to jump onto rocks around them and see if they could find out what was inside the bucket.  When they couldn’t see from this vantage point they decided to jump in together, splashing into a bucket of cream.
At first they were thrilled and drank and drank until they could drink no longer … and then they realised that they couldn’t get out. Each time they jumped, they hit the slippery sides of the bucket and slid back in. They kept trying and trying until the bigger one said “I can do this no longer, I am too tired.” He gave up and drowned.
The little frog told himself ‘I’d rather die trying to get out of here than just give up and sink to the bottom’. He continued to paddle and paddle then he’d try to jump, only to hit the side and slip down again. This went on for some time until as he was paddling he felt something solid under his foot. He stepped on to this solid thing, jumped, and he was out of the bucket. By continuing to paddle, he’d churned the cream into butter, and was able to jump out.

Never give up, for we never know when the moment where everything will change will come.

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