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October 03, 2010

Sara Lee Chocolate Pie

Sara Lee Chocolate Pie is sooooooo delicious.
Its made so that you can have it hot (tastes like pie crust with a chocolate cake/pudding filling) or so that you can have it cold (crust doesnt taste quite as good, with a cake mixture/choc sauce type fill).

My fave is definitely cold - but then again, i love licking the beaters after making a cake.

You can also get them in a pack of 4 - so then you can try it both hot and cold !!!

This is my new fave treat.


  1. So it's basically just a cake with pastry on it?

  2. I love the Sara Lee Chocolate Pie, I've never eaten cold though as I don't have the patience to wait hours for it to thaw out. I just pop it in the oven and it is pure heaven when served with a dollop of rich double cream.