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October 05, 2010

Thanks thanks and more thanks

Leah Dieterich's website thx thx thx is an absolute blast to look at.
Every day Leah writes a thankyou note - to anything at all. Its her daily gratitude exercise.

I love the website, which is both humerous and a reminder to be grateful for the small things.

I'm going to try to add some thanks thanks and more thanks posts to my blog.

So this week, i want to say thanks to
1- The springtime weather, for making me want to smile
2- All the lovely things in the shops that i cannot afford - for making me appreciate the things I do have
3- My dry and tired eyes - for warning me I havent slept enough and I am sitting too long at the computer
4- random websites/net surfing - for helping me fill in hours of time I would otherwise have wasted being bored out of my brain

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